Selling to Developers Needs a Different Strategy

Cold outreach in tech sales doesn't work when marketing and selling products to developers. You have to take a different approach for building pipeline. In this post we explain why you have to change things up and give you tips for how to execute.
Viktor Hatfaludi
March 19, 2024
40 minutes

Generate Pipeline With LinkedIn Outreach Instead Of Cold Emails

The average sales rep gets a reply 4% of the time when reaching out cold. But if you’re reading this you wanna know how high that number can go, don’t you? In this video I’ll give you 3 ways you can reach out to prospects that make you stand out!
Viktor Hatfaludi
February 19, 2024
8 minutes

Don't Start Channel Partner Sales Without These 5 Things!

If you’ve sold through Value Added Resellers and System Integrators before you know that most won’t be interested in dealing with you. Some might sign a contract with you but never actually make a sale. And if you have too many they'll cannibalise your business by competing on price. That’s the kind of frustration you face if you’re trying to wing it in indirect sales. But luckily there’s a practice that works and it starts by building a Partner Program.
Viktor Hatfaludi
November 13, 2023
25 min

When And How To Automate Outbound Sales And Marketing Messages

Since AI came into the picture mid 2022 it’s it’s never been easier to send emails at scale. But have you been getting more customer meetings? Quite the opposite. In this video interview we break down when and how to automate Sales and Marketing emails so you can build pipeline successfully.
Viktor Hatfaludi
October 10, 2023
30 minutes

Content Marketing Strategy For Startups - Generate Leads In Just 1 Hour A Day

As a Startup Founder in the early days you likely won't get many leads. Let's fix that! By the end of this post you'll know how you too can drive inbound leads and book more customer meetings with just 1 hour a day. Every day. And we're going to do that with strategic content.
Viktor Hatfaludi
August 7, 2023
15 minutes

Use This Strategy To Build Pipeline From Scratch

Top performers only care about 3 things: Pipeline, Win rates, and Time to close. But that in itself is not gonna cut it when you’re starting from scratch. In this post I'll break down how to build pipeline strategically so you can hit short AND long term revenue goals.
Viktor Hatfaludi
February 6, 2023
6 minutes

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Viktor has 10+ years of full-cycle experience in tech sales.

His latest contribution was helping Bitrise (YC W17) scale from 3M to 20M+ USD in recurring revenue.

Today he’s a Sales Consultant and Trainer at Revenue Ramp helping B2B Startups go from $0 to $10M ARR.

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