Maximize Lead Generation From Live Events With Proven Methods

Sales reps often hate leads from marketing events because they're routed to them without qualification. But event leads can actually be a goldmine especially when selling to Mid-market and Enterprise accounts. You do need a plan though for how you’re going to attract and capture good leads. And that’s why Rita Vass is joining us today. To talk about generating leads at live events.
Viktor Hatfaludi
April 10, 2024
40 minutes

Best CRMs For Startups

You should have a CRM in place as soon as you start talking to customers. In this post we'll cover how to choose the right one for you and set it up for impact
Viktor Hatfaludi
April 4, 2023
7 minutes

How To Build A Knowledge Management System For Your Company

Getting your team to work effectively starts with defining what good looks like and then documenting it in a way that’s easy to contribute to. Otherwise you'll spend your time answering FAQs instead of doing meaningful work. In this post we'll cover how you can build a knowledge management system for your company so everyone is enabled to work effectively.
Viktor Hatfaludi
March 5, 2023
7 minutes

5 Things To Cover In Weekly Team Meetings And How To Run Them Effectively

Things break all the time when you're building a startup and as you scale it can take weeks before you realise something's off. By then the damage is already done. I tried a ton of things on the fly to solve this but one of the small things that made a big impact was Monday morning kickoffs. In this post I'll break down how to run them effectively so you get ahead of issues and can align your team around a common goal.
Viktor Hatfaludi
February 26, 2023
6 minutes

Meet Your Trainer

Viktor has 10+ years of full-cycle experience in tech sales.

His latest contribution was helping Bitrise (YC W17) scale from 3M to 20M+ USD in recurring revenue.

Today he’s a Sales Consultant and Trainer at Revenue Ramp helping B2B Startups go from $0 to $10M ARR.

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