increase deal size

Speed up your sales cycles with these 3 things

You only need to uncover 3 things during your discovery calls to create and keep urgency throughout your sales cycle. In this video I'll explain how you can do this even if you don't have tech sales experience.
Viktor Hatfaludi
June 3, 2024
2 minutes

Mastering Negotiation: Get The Best Deal From Your Vendors

Startups in their early stages are strapped for cash but need tools so their team can be productive - and tools can get expensive pretty fast. So in this video we’ll walk through a playbook you can apply instantly to negotiate the price of your next software purchase.
Viktor Hatfaludi
March 30, 2023
6 minutes

How to run product demos that sell

Since starting my sales career I’ve given over 1,000 demos of highly technical products because I was raised to “always do a demo” which was the mantra of all managers at the company. And while that’s not the best approach I’ll get into when and how you should run demos if you want to increase your conversions and deal size.
Viktor Hatfaludi
January 28, 2023
5 mins

Meet Your Trainer

Viktor has 10+ years of full-cycle experience in tech sales.

His latest contribution was helping Bitrise (YC W17) scale from 3M to 20M+ USD in recurring revenue.

Today he’s a Sales Consultant and Trainer at Revenue Ramp helping B2B Startups go from $0 to $10M ARR.

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